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Call for Papers

Digital Tools in Film Studies
Analysis & Research
A Transdisciplinary Workshop

18-19 June 2007 at the University of Siegen, Germany

The workshop will cover three focal subjects:

(1) Theoretical framework

Using digital tools in film studies is not (yet) commonplace, and there are still a number of questions to be answered. In what areas can digital tools already be applied? What kinds of tools could and should be developed in future? How much human intervention is necessary? What new areas of research can be explored with the use of digital tools? In what ways would this change the work of scholars?
Film scholars and computer scientists will discuss these and other questions with theoreticians of computing in humanities.

(2) Areas of use


(a) Film analysis

A number of projects have developed or are currently developing software for film analysis. These range from aids for creating a shot list to powerful analysis tools that recognize cuts, shot size and other parameters.
Computer scientists will present the technology and scope of their tools as well as current and future projects to apply them, and discuss them with colleagues and users.

(b) Film databases
Developers of film databases will present their work und discuss their concepts, technical solutions, interconnectability and perspectives.

(3) Technical challenges

* * *

Since we want to encourage international participation, we kindly ask participants to present their papers in English.
We plan to publish the proceedings of the workshop in 2008.
Please send your proposals corresponding to one of the three focal subjects by 18 March 2007 to both of the following organizers: Michael Ross <ross(at)> and Jens Wagner <jens.wagner(at)>. Your proposal should not exceed a length of 500 words. Please add a short CV with information on your relevant publications (max. 150 words).