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Leonardo Boccia (Salvador, Brazil) & Peter Ludes (Bremen)

Key Measures and Key Visuals

In order to highlight the mutual enforcement of auditive and visual components, we focus on the interplay between key measures and Key Visuals: Hardly any offering on TV relies on visual stimuli alone. More and more, sounds and music do not only play in the background, but become professionally produced in exact linkage to the visualizations shown. The digitization of both sound and visuals, as well as ever faster computations, enhance the complementary presentation of what may be called the professional audio-visualization of the public spheres. In the composition and sonorous manipulation of programs and reviews of TV stations, collective memories and neglects, chances and also pastiches or collages emerge in some cultures with global and trans-cultural elements. However, to weave a tram of musical intersections that involve the virtual images of the most controversial contemporary events, it is necessary to have adequate technical support and a vast pool of national and global musical archives. Not all TV networks are equipped to edit soundtracks and to manipulate the standardized and transnational images with musical narratives that transmit from the background to the stage front in the diverse sensorial levels of the screen media.  We analyze these. Our model of combined "key measure visuals" is based on analyses of TV annual reviews from Brazil and Germany, from 2003 to 2006. It aims to show how sound strategies, visual conventions and visual strategies complement each other.