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Warren S. Buckland (London)

Important note: This paper is cancelled. Unfortunately, Warren Buckland will not be able to attend our workshop.

Who Directed Poltergeist (1982)?

Using Statistical Style Analysis for Authorship Attribution in the Cinema

(Dale Pollock)

[I]t is pretty well agreed now that [Poltergeist] deserves to be read as a Spielberg work. (David Thomson)

The issue of who really directed Poltergeist

In this paper I use computerised statistical style analysis to data mine a selection of films by Spielberg and Hooper. I aim to determine how

My paper represents one of the first attempts to apply statistical style analysis to the resolution of an authorship attribution problem in the cinema. In the paper I outline my data collection methods (delimited to shot parameters) and processing of data (using SPSS data mining software), before presenting the result of my study.



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